#SolarFam, you know that at BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, we’re here to support you, the solar contractor, and help you stay updated on product news, technology and market trends, and savvy business advice.

In that spirit, we’re proud to bring you another great podcast and video series: Solar Tech Talk !

Hosted by our Product Managers Aaron Bingham and Kate Collardson , the new show features timely technology overviews and forecasts of the residential and commercial solar products market. Together with manufacturers and other industry guests, they’ll take contractors on a regular roundup of product intel and as well big-picture trends in solar PV and storage.

#SolarTechTalk joins other great professional development and industry education content you already enjoy from BayWa r.e. Solar Systems — from our Solar Town Hall expert roundtable series to our DEI Diaries and Culture Chronicles blog posts, plus The Current commercial market brief, and other great podcasts and articles in our Solar r.e.view Magazine.

Be sure to watch or stream Kate and Aaron’s debut episode below, and remember to subscribe to all our great multimedia content produced for our solar installer community!

— Tom Miller, Marketing Director

In This Episode:

  • RAPID ROUNDUP (01:23): A&K talk us through 2021 trends for home storage management, adoption of UL 9540 standards, and new directions in PV module sizes.
  • DEEP DIVE (10:35): A&K review the exciting rollout of the brand-new RESU16H Prime battery storage from LG Energy Solution, including its compatibility with SolarEdge smart inverters, its flexibility for on-site maintenance, LG’s thoughtfully planned training and certification standards, and more. Featuring guest appearances by Linh Tran and Tom Bullock with LG Energy Solution and Magnus Asbo with SolarEdge.
  • BIG IDEAS (29:44): A&K leave us with a thoughtful discussion on why recycling PV panels is an important challenge to be solved, and current processes for refurbishment, safe disposal, or reuse.
Note: In this week’s show, Kate mentions that PV RSS system listing was first introduced in NEC 2020. This is inaccurate. PV RSS first became an option in NEC 2017, but there was no system listing available through UL at the time.

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