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Featured Articles on Solar Products and Solar Technology

Strategizing for 2023: How solar installers can develop their company strategy

BayWa r.e.’s VP of Strategy sits down with Solar Builder to discuss how solar business leaders can approach 2023 with a strategic plan in this new episode of Power Forward!

BayWa r.e. Teams Up with Power Center, a Duracell Authorized Licensee

The solar equipment distributor partners with another home energy and storage solutions manufacturer to bring new options to solar installation partners across the U.S.

Solar Tech Talk Podcast

Solar Tech Talk E15: All About Storage with Duracell Power Center

Aaron and Tiernay help unveil the newest ESS offering in the solar industry: Favorite household brand Duracell launches energy storage system with flexible install options

Solar Tech Talk E14: Pivotal Time for Solar: Inflation Reduction Act and PVpallet’s Sustainable Shipping Solution

Tiernay and Aaron discuss impacts of the IRA legislation and how PVpallet’s new recycled shipping solution for solar modules is making the industry more sustainable.

Solar Tech Talk E13: Deep Dive with IronRidge, Microgrids, Electrification

This month, Tiernay and Aaron hear stories about IronRidge’s history and current product offerings and discuss how California and Texas are addressing grid challenges.

A Focus on Storage

Give your Homeowners the Power: A Webinar from Duracell Power Center

Household brand name Duracell enters the solar industry with full suite of energy solutions for solar installers to build customizable PV and energy storage systems

How Solar Installers Can Offer Solar+Storage to Increase Sales

Homeowners are asking for solar+storage: In this Solar r.e.view podcast Aaron Bingham discusses how solar professionals can win more customers by adding storage services.

Grow Your Solar & Storage Business in 2022 and Beyond: A Webinar with Panasonic

Panasonic experts share product and program insights to help solar installers ride the waves of the solar industry, now and for years to come.

Featured Podcast

Solar Tech Talk

Featuring Deep Dives on Solar Products, Business Tips, and Industry Veterans

Deep Dives into Solar Financing

How to Run a Financially Healthy Solar Installation Business

Rachel Schapira talks with Chris Crowell about finanical best practices for solar installers in Episode 6 of PowerForward!, a partnership of BayWa r.e. and Solar Builder.

Solar Financing Podcast: Common mistakes contractors make and what to do instead

Join Rachel Schapira as she talks to finance experts Robyn Kenkel (HHFR Enterprises) and Gregg Fisher (GoodLeap) on how contractors can position themselves for success in the residential solar financing market.

Financing Podcast: Financing 101 for Your Solar Installation Business

Our Director of Residential Financing Rachel Schapira provides an intro on how contractors can best leverage solar financing products.