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Featured Articles on Solar Products and Solar Technology

Manufacturer Spotlight: Unirac's New Generation of Racking Makes Solar System Installation Even Easier

In their NXT Horizon racking system, Unirac’s engineers focused on shorter install times, safer roof requirements, and an aesthetically pleasing look to appeal to homeowners

Solar r.e.view Podcast and Solar Builder Join Forces to Power Forward!

Code changes, COVID, supply chain – there’s always something impacting a solar installation business. With our Power Forward! series, a collaboration with Solar Builder Magazine, we help solar contractors and EPCs understand the solar industry’s pressing issues, explore budding market trends and, well, power forward (!) to what comes next.

New Generac Products! Meet: PWRgenerator, PWRmanager, and PWRmicro

Jeremy Niles from Generac shares a sneak peak of three, new products in the Generac line up: PWRgenerator, PWRmanager, and PWRmicro.

Solar Tech Talk Podcast

Solar Tech Talk Episode 11: Reflecting on the EnergySage Annual Report, Increasing Electrification and NABCEP 2022

Conversations with SPAN about their smart panel and EV charging options and SimpliPhi Power about their experience at NABCEP.

Solar Tech Talk Episode 10: Meet PanelClaw, Industry News, & more NEM Battles

Learn all about PanelClaw with VP of Sales Paul Bitterolf

Solar Town Halls

BayWa r.e. Solar Town Hall — July 22: Commercial and Residential Financing (Episode 204)

Solar financing is a dynamic, rapidly shifting landscape. Whether you’re a residential installer or a commercial-focused EPC, see how you can find partners, financiers, plan great projects, and look ahead to 2022.

BayWa r.e. Solar Town Hall — June 24: Your State Is a Solar Policy Battlefield (Episode 203)

What gets decided in California has broad implications for the rest of the United States. Our June 2021 industry roundtable explains why the Golden State is a policy battleground for our solar installation industry nationwide.

Solar Town Hall — February 24: To Originate or Not? Working with Outside Sales Organizations (Episode 202)

As a solar contractor, when should you consider getting outside help for sales origination? Our expert roundtable weighs in on the pitfalls and positives on working with sales channel partners.

Solar Tech Talk

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Deep Dives on Solar Financing

Solar Financing Podcast: Common mistakes contractors make and what to do instead

Join Rachel Schapira as she talks to finance experts Robyn Kenkel (HHFR Enterprises) and Gregg Fisher (GoodLeap) on how contractors can position themselves for success in the residential solar financing market.

Financing Podcast: Financing 101 for Your Solar Installation Business

Our Director of Residential Financing Rachel Schapira provides an intro on how contractors can best leverage solar financing products.

Growing Your Young Solar Business During a Recession

Our Director of Residential Financing offers advice on how young companies can still ride the momentum of our growing solar installation industry.