We’re here to help solar contractors succeed.

Our company is open, honest, and process-driven. We invest in innovative systems and processes to be the most efficient and reliable solar supplier in the US.

Choose BayWa r.e. to get best-in-class products, where you need them and on time.

Why Should You Choose BayWa r.e.?

  1. Direct access to our experienced team of solar consultants who are focused on your success.
  2. A select group of Tier 1 products from leading manufacturers.
  3. Better allocation and planning with our industry-leading Webstore.
  4. Our fast and reliable delivery services.
  5. Educational content – Product training, business guidance, discussions with industry-leaders, podcasts, videos and more to help your team learn and grow.
  6. Shortened cash cycles with our residential financing program.
  7. C&I market intelligence and advice for taking advantage of this growing space.
  8. We are a carbon-neutral company.
  9. Partners love working with us.
  10. We care.

#1 – Our Team

We are a fun group of solar veterans, averaging more than eight years of solar experience.

Our contractor partners tell us BayWa r.e. feels like an extension of their team. Our regional reps hail from Vermont to California, and they have on-the-ground insight and market intelligence to share.

You have questions about the solar industry? We have answers.

#2 – A Select Group of Manufacturing Partners

Have questions about these products? From rapid-shutdown compliance to commercial applications— we can help.

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#3 – Our Webstore Saves You Time and Money

Take control of purchase planning with transparent, real-time information.

  • Real-time product availability by warehouse.
  • PV stocking strategy view – plan up to three months out.
  • Re-order previously purchased items in a single click.
  • View credit terms and available balance.
  • View and pay invoices.
  • And lots more.

Spend less time sourcing materials and more time getting the job done. Visit the webstore »

Re-order previously purchased items in a single click.
View and pay invoices.

View credit terms and available balance.

PV stocking strategy view – plan up to three months out.

#4 – Our Delivery Services

Our logistics team is transparent, responsive, and focused on getting your product where it needs to go. We have six strategic warehouse locations in the US.

  • Schenectady, NY
  • Orlando, FL
  • Joliet, IL
  • Arlington, TX
  • Reno, NV
  • Chino, CA

Get your products where you need them, on time.

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#5 – Educational Content

Our online videos, articles, podcasts, events, and more, bring our extensive industry experience and partnerships to your fingertips. Get free access to:

Learn and grow with thought leaders from around the industry.

Solar financing is a dynamic, rapidly shifting landscape. Whether you’re a residential installer or a commercial-focused EPC, see how you can find partners, financiers, plan great projects, and look ahead to 2022.

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Ready to Connect?

We’re in the business of helping solar contractors succeed. Give us a try and find out what BayWa r.e. can do for you.

# 6 – Residential Financing Made Simple

Our Split Pay Program enables solar contractors to:

  • Shorten their cash cycles
  • Manage more projects with existing lines of credit
  • Invest rapidly into customer acquisition

We have a range of financing-focused content to help you make the best decisions possible for your business.

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BayWa r.e.’s Vp of Operations, David Dunlap, and VP of Sales, Keith Ostwald share insights from the conference in this episode of PowerForward!, a partnership of BayWa r.e. and Solar Builder

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# 7 – Commercial and Industrial (C&I) – Learn and Grow

Take part in the fast-growing C&I space.

Our Director of Commercial Solutions has the insight you need to start your C&I journey – or help you find the right products, services, and opportunities to succeed in this evolving space.

Our monthly C&I newsletter puts market analysis, resources and supply chain updates right in your Inbox. And our regular articles and webinars on the C&I market will keep you up to speed.

Learn more about C&I today.

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Webinar Recap: What's in Store for Commercial Solar in 2021 — PV, Inverters, and Racking

Our own Guillaume Casanova invited reps from SolarEdge, JA Solar, and Unirac to showcase their exciting product developments for the U.S. commercial solar market.

# 8 – We Are a Carbon-Neutral Company

In addition to our carbon-neutral status, we work with partners around the world on clean energy projects, including:

  • Reforestation projects in Zambia
  • Solar home systems in remote Lesotho
  • Donations of solar modules in Iraqi refugee camps
  • Off-grid projects in Nepal with our partner GRID Alternatives
  • Discounts on module recycling  for our customers

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# 9 – Partners Love Working With Us

“If you’re another solar installer, and you want to manage your procurement better; if you want to be more efficient in getting your panels and materials; then I would definitely say BayWa is the way to go.”

– Sid Chandrashekar, Sunshine Solar Solutions

“It’s important to have quality people and quality products to work with – and that’s what BayWa r.e. is to us.”

– Stacey Schmid, Range Solar and Wind

Hear why Sun Badger Solar likes working with BayWa r.e. and why we like partnering with them.

“They definitely make you feel like you’re a part of a big family… BayWa’s got it going on. ”

– Manuel Esparza, A-1 Solar

“They’re always checking on us, making sure we get what we need – and we always get what we ordered.”

– Chad Waits, Net Zero Solar

# 10 – We Care

We are committed to building a healthy and vibrant solar industry with our community of solar partners – our #SolarFam.

Give BayWa r.e. a try.