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Commercial Solar Podcast: A View of the Market for Installers Exploring the Field

Residential solar contractors curious about dipping into commercial projects can listen to our chat with Guillaume Casanova, our Director of Commercial Solutions

Solar Town Hall — February 24: To Originate or Not? Working with Outside Sales Organizations (Episode 202)

As a solar contractor, when should you consider getting outside help for sales origination? Our expert roundtable weighs in on the pitfalls and positives on working with sales channel partners.

Financing Podcast: Financing 101 for Your Solar Installation Business

Our Director of Residential Financing Rachel Schapira provides an intro on how contractors can best leverage solar financing products.

Solar r.e.view Podcast

Kicking off our first Executive Roundtable episode is our start-of-the-year outlook. Our Vice President of Operations David Dunlap and our Head of Supplier Relations Daniel Marino are on hand with Solar r.e.view host Tom Miller to talk predictions for how global and domestic ripples might influence the U.S. solar installation market.

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