The BayWa r.e. Split Pay program enables solar contractors to shorten their cash cycles, manage more projects with existing lines of credit, and invest rapidly into customer acquisition.


“We’ve been really pleased with the Split Pay program. It’s a quick, simple process that provides us greater flexibility with our credit line. We also get more equipment out of our credit line with Split Pay, helping us streamline operations and grow our business. We like that it’s more efficient and easier than other direct pay programs we’ve tried.”

Brad Montgomery
VP of Operations, Empower Solar

Breathe easier with fewer bills to pay, more credit, and no headaches.

The Split Pay Program helps address cash flow challenges for residential solar contractors and offers greater flexibility in project financing and procurement.

Get the equipment you need — when you need it — and focus on the important things like growing your solar business.

Qualified contractors can order equipment from BayWa r.e. Solar Systems with no cash up front.

With the Split Pay Program, qualified contractors can get more out of their credit lines — improving cash flow and allowing more financial flexibility during this period of uncertainty.

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