As one of the leading solar equipment distributors in the United States, we pride ourselves on offering our hardworking contractor community a select group of Tier 1 products from leading PV, inverter, racking, and storage manufacturers. In 2021 Q2, this exclusive lineup welcomed a new face: REC Solar.

Featuring some of the most advanced solar cell and module innovation on the market, the REC Alpha Series modules include 380-watt 60-cell and 450-watt 72-cell versions. Because of their high-power density, the premium panels produce 20% more energy compared to conventional modules, driving down solar electricity generation costs for homeowners and businesses.

And now, REC Alpha modules are available in our BayWa r.e. solar distribution U.S. webstore.

As REC’s newest Platinum partner, we hope you’re as excited as we are. To help get everyone up to speed on REC’s incredible R&D credentials and the technical edge offered by their PV modules, our own U.S. Product Manager Aaron Bingham invited the REC team for an informational webinar for installers. You already know Aaron from our Solar Tech Talk solar nerd podcast series — and here he welcomes Chris Masys, Senior Business Development Manager for REC Americas; Brian Ghiglia, Senior Director of Business Development at REC Americas; and Melissa Watson, National Marketing Manager for REC Americas.

Skip the Warehouse Pickup with Webstore Ordering

Installers across the country are saving time by using our one-of-a-kind BayWa r.e. Webstore, shipping nationwide from one of our regional hubs — including our new REC modules. Together with our always helpful regional sales reps, we’ll help you plan out your procurement strategy so your jobs get done on track and on time.

Click to watch our webinar recording! Share it with your team, and start dreaming of design possibilities and homeowner value propositions for your next residential project. Be sure to talk to our helpful BayWa r.e. solar distribution regional reps to ask how you can start procuring REC Alpha modules for your installs. And if you’re not buying from us yet, fill out our contractor interest form today. Let us help you thrive and succeed in your solar business!


REC’s History of Quality: Discover REC and BayWa r.e. Global’s longtime relationship; REC’s strength throughout the value chain from silicon to ingot to wafer to cell; its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Singapore; and REC’s worldwide reach in residential, commercial, utility, and floating solar applications, from data centers, to power plants, to the family home.

REC’s PV Portfolio: Spanning 60-cell HJT, 60-cell n-type mono, and 60-cell p-type PERC modules, the REC Alpha, N-Peak, and TwinPeak series are accelerating the cell efficiency path. The REC Alpha series alone incorporates hybrid, bifacial, half-cut heterojunction cells and boasting a –0.26%/°C temperature coefficient. Solder-free cell connections mean an 81% reduction in panel lead content, and a super-strong, thinner perimeter frame design with flexible clamping zones promises exceptional high snow and wind loads. (Yes, you’re allowed to geek out.)

REC’s Certified Solar Professional Program and REC ProTrust Warranty: A special program that will be offered to qualified solar contractors via BayWa r.e. in the United States, REC’s Certified Solar Professional Program will provide extended warranties — in many cases up to 25 years — plus REC’s SunSnap app and ProPortal to help simplify admin work and lead generation for installers. It’s quality assurance on top of an already well-built, low claims, quality line of products.

Stay Care-Free with Split Pay Procurement Financing

Spend less time worrying about your cash flow and get your homeowner customers the REC modules they want. Our Split Pay financing partnership with Sunlight Financial gives U.S. residential installers the ability to maximize their credit line with us — and gain well-earned peace of mind.

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