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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Introduction to Qcells and their mission to revolutionize solar (2:37)
  • Why did Qcells decide to break into the energy storage space? (3:24)
  • The basics and high-level overview of Qcells newest line card addition – the Q.HOME ESS SOLUTION (5:09)
  • How the Q.HOME stackability and design can improve your solar installation experience (7:02)
  • Breaking down the instructions for installation spacing requirements for the Q.HOME modules, including the 9540A testing series mentioned in manuals (11:46)
  • Discussing the challenges that installers have with complying to strict guidelines while working with AHJ’s (13:20)
  • Where Q.HOME installers can find resources and documentation for spacing requirements (15:35)
  • How to seek additional support from Qcells when onsite for an install (16:50)
  • Seeking support when dealing with AHJ’s that are pushing back against certain installation plans or configurations (20:10)
  • With changes to net metering policies across the U.S., what types of configurations can be used to give installers a great sales strategy when it comes to solar and storage? (21:22)
  • Why California is not the only state with plenty of opportunity for energy storage growth (27:55)
  • How Qcells is utilizing strategic partnerships to create more grid stability and opportunities for the state of Texas (29:45)
Jeff Gill

Jeff Gill

Channel Strategy Development Manager


Kam Sihota

Senior Product Manager for Q.HOME ESS Solution


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