We have now been dealing with COVID-19 for eight months — and, as I write this, one of the most stressful presidential elections I’ve witnessed to date.

Feeling a sense of unease, anxiousness, and exhaustion is understandable. I have struggled with these emotions consistently throughout this pandemic. But one thing that has helped me is a few simple grounding techniques I try to incorporate into my day. I encourage everyone in our #SolarFam to try a few of these out in the coming weeks and take notice of which tips feel most helpful for you. The goal of these practices is to calm and relax you — so you can be a more effective leader and team member within your own solar family!

Box Breathing

Box Breathing is a simple breathing technique that can clear your mind, relax your body, and allow you to focus. You can do this technique multiple times throughout the day and anywhere you can find a comfortable seat.

To do this practice, simply close your eyes and take a big exhale out of your mouth. Inhale through your nose, slowly counting to 4 feeling the air fill your lungs. Hold your breath here for another slow count of 4. Slowly exhale to the count of 4. Hold your exhale for another 4 counts and then start again. You can repeat this for 9 rounds for a total of 10.

Tip: Staying at a four-count will allow the technique to be calming for your nervous system — rather than trying to lengthen the breath out to a longer count, which can become anxiety-inducing for beginners.

Alyx Walkinshaw
Marketing Operations Manager, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems


Having a meditation practice during this time has been one of the most helpful techniques I do daily. The meditation technique I do is one where I focus on a “mantra” — a word or saying that is repeated to aid in concentration. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, and it is important to find a meditation practice that you enjoy and can stick with. Guided meditation practice, where you attend a session led by an instructor (virtually, these days), is great for beginners.Mindfulness meditation practice, where you find moments to privately and internally pause all activity, is a practice of being present in the moment — which in turn trains us to become more mindful throughout the day, particularly during difficult situations. And if you find that sitting and being still is a challenge for you, then a moving meditation practice, like walking in nature, qigong, or yoga could be more suited. Whatever you choose, try making meditation a set habit each day, or twice a day.

Body Grounding

When you are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your body, you can try a body grounding practice at home. Use a yoga or exercise mat or lay directly on the floor. Begin by laying down on your back with your legs and arms spread out away from your body. Allow your chest to open to the ceiling by rolling your shoulder blades away from your ears and into the ground underneath you. Let your head be heavy and your eyes close. Relax the muscles of your face and soften your jaw.

As you settle, notice the parts of your body that are touching the earth. Connect from the crown of your head down to your toes to those parts. Once you have become aware of this connection, allow those parts of your body to soften and surrender completely into the earth. Take a few gentle breaths here. Now reconnect to those parts of your body and engage them into the earth. Feel your muscles and your bones actively pushing into the ground. Notice how that feels. Take a few breaths here, feeling your body be active. Repeat this process five more times, moving between surrender and being active.

Individual Health = Company Health

Remember, wellness in our self translates to wellness for our colleagues and our company. If you’re not feeling healthy in body and mind, it can be challenging to shoulder your responsibilities for your solar business closing out this intense year—whether you’re working the job site or making financial forecasts. Check out some of our past articles on maintaining wellness and building a healthy business and keep in touch with me for more wellness tips!

In addition to her position at BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, Alyx has been a yoga teacher for over 9 years. She is honored to use yoga as a way to connect and communicate with others. As an instructor, Alyx is passionate about creating an open, encouraging, and fun environment for her students. Her classes are creatively sequenced to successfully guide students as they explore the depth of their practice and strengthen their mind, body, and spirit. When Alyx’s class participants step off their yoga mat, her intention is that they feel empowered by their own inner wisdom, strength, and voice.

To find more about Alyx’s yoga offerings and virtual schedule please visit her website here.

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