In today’s market, solar installers face a plethora of challenges, but making decisions about equipment doesn’t have to be one of them. Fronius, a solar inverter manufacturer that partners with BayWa r.e., understands these challenges and is committed to making solar equipment procurement and installation easier

Here are the top four ways Fronius supports their solar installers:

1. Offer flexible solar technology

Modern string inverters come with software-based shade mitigation (Dynamic Peak Manager) and design flexibility (SuperFlex Design) to tackle complex or shaded systems. The low number of components needed in a string inverter system increases performance, safety, and reliability. Integrated monitoring and open interfaces based on SunSpec standards allow flexibility and customer choice for monitoring and shutdown. Trainings and education on the topics of safety and reliability are a valuable contribution to the US solar industry. To provide high quality products, all Fronius manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

2. Make design and installation a breeze

Fronius string inverters are easy to add to your PV system design thanks to multiple maximum power point trackers, wide voltage windows, and integrated features to mitigate the impacts of shade or complex roofs. Installation is quick and easy, with a small number of components and little time on the roof. The consistent inverter design across all power classes, both single-phase and three-phase, reduces training times for installation crews. On top of that, the new Fronius Solar.creator design tool supports customers with planning, layout, and design of photovoltaic systems. Its visualizations and reports are also useful for consultations and sales discussions with end-customers.

3. Support partnerships through a network of field service providers

Fronius inverters are truly field serviceable. Certified installers can service and repair Fronius inverters onsite and within one visit, reducing service costs and system downtime. To make this possible, Fronius trains Solutions Partners and enables them to deliver excellent solutions to their customers. Partner enablement includes marketing support and a direct line to Fronius engineers.

4. Provide US-based service and reliable support

The Fronius USA headquarters in Portage, Indiana houses Technical Support where a team of qualified technicians answers calls and emails every day. Direct access to engineers allows for quick problem resolution and an excellent customer experience. Speed matters in technical support, as end-customers can be very sensitive about inverters being down. To resolve issues quickly, Fronius maintains short wait times on the hotline, provides fast answers, and offers a paperless RMA process. If a device needs to be sent back to Fronius for a repair, Fronius has a fully equipped repair center where trained technicians troubleshoot, repair, and test every returned inverter.  


About Fronius:
Fronius entered the American market 20 years ago and has been helping many contractors become more successful ever since. For solar installers and contractors, Fronius offers unique benefits to grow their businesses and to enhance the solar industry.

A family-owned company, Fronius has been working in the field of photovoltaics since 1992. As a solar pioneer and Austrian manufacturer of inverters from day one, Fronius now offers a wide range of products relating to generating, storing, distributing, and consuming energy from renewable sources. In order to provide the highest quality, Fronius’s products are still being developed and produced in Austria.

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