Thank you all for your support of #SolarTechTalk! This month, Aaron and Kate are keeping the conversation going with expert reps from two of our trusted manufacturing partners, SolarEdge Technologies and Generac Power Systems.

Both are leaders in DC-coupled storage options for our residential solar industry. You’ve likely already learned about the game changing flexibility of the SolarEdge Energy Hub from our VP of Operations David Dunlap, and not too long ago Aaron and Kate talked about the load management capabilities of the Generac PWRcell ATS with SMM technology. We take a deeper dive on both offerings in this Solar Tech Talk episode.

In addition to their conversation with Cameron Stewart from SolarEdge and Adam Schroeder and Jeff McAndrew of Generac, A&K share their latest notable readings and links, from BayWa r.e.’s new PV recycling partnership with Cascade Eco Minerals, to the recent rumblings on the utility-backed AB 1139 in California. Finally, friend of the show Jeff Spies at Planet Plan Sets calls in his Tales from the Roof listener submission segment.

Remember, if you’ve got a memorable, fun, or even scary “Tale from the Roof” to share from your days in the field, call it in! Dial our Solar Tech Talk Storyline at 541-635-2747‬ and leave us your story on voicemail. We’ll pick the best ones to play on a future show.

Dive into this latest episode, catch up on our Solar Pride Month bonus show, and read up on Kate’s After Show class notes! And if you’re looking for financing solutions to bring storage to a great homeowner customer, be sure to look up our Split Pay Program with GoodLeap (LoanPal) and Sunlight Financial.

— Tom Miller, Marketing Director

In This Episode:

  • RAPID ROUNDUP (00:17): Kate lets BayWa r.e. customers know that they too can enjoy special pricing on PV module recycling, as offered by our new partnership with Cascade Eco Minerals. Aaron checks in on the recent legislative battles in California over AB 1139, which is the focus of a recent CALSSA blogpost, and will also be discussed at our June 24 Solar Town Hall explaining the California ripple effect.
  • DEEP DIVE 1 (6:37): Cameron Stewart tells A&K about the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter with Prism technology, which can manage storage and EV charging and more, plus synching with a fleet of smart devices for remote control. We talk about “Solar Boost Mode” for routing power that would otherwise be clipped; why the Energy Hub works well even for homeowners who don’t yet have storage; and why installing an Energy Hub today opens up countless avenues for future add-ons and upsales for the solar + storage contractor. We also hear about the SolarEdge acquisition of Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Kokam and a teaser for the upcoming Energy Bank; designing and installing whole-home backup; inverter stacking for big draws like HVAC; breaker kits and arrangements; value props for pitching homeowner customers; and integration and firmware updates with the LG RESU 10H and 16H Prime batteries. Cameron also previews the larger Energy Hubs coming to market soon, and offers other tips on planning ahead for service entrance setups and rigs like Hawaiian tie-ins.
  • DEEP DIVE 2 (36:00): Adam Schroeder and Jeff MacAndrew explain the Generac offerings in the DC-coupled options for home storage — a strategic move for an American company long known for power generators. We hear about Generac’s comprehensive PWRcell ecosystem of interoperable components (including its own inline rapid shutdown device), providing the ability for partial or whole-home backup. We also learn how the Pika acquisition and Neurio Technologies acquisition paid off for Generac and for solar storage contractors. Adam and Jeff also discuss Generac’s approaches to AC coupling; future capabilities for generator integration; and the load management wonders made possible by the Smart Management Modules (SMM’s) during power outages. Aaron asks the duo to run through the tech specs of the entire PWRcell system from rooftop down to inverters and battery cabinets and transfer switches — including a meter-combo switch for California customers. Adam and Jeff also provide a rundown of the advantages of DC coupling; Generac’s value propositions for the contractor and the homeowner, plus its software/firmware update strategy; Generac’s PWRpartners Program for contractor certification; and Generac’s long history of reliability and domestic market brand recognition.
  • TALES FROM THE ROOF (1:03:00): Our installer story today comes from our good friend Jeff Spies, President at Planet Plan Sets and past Solar Tech Talk contributor. Jeff gives us the buzz on his encounter with a swarm of wasps on a very old rooftop far away.

For the past 15 years, Aaron has worked with PV equipment manufacturers and distributors to drive the ethical and sustainable growth of the clean energy industry. Through his work in solar sales, engineering and product management Aaron has supported solar installers by developing educational resources, advocating for informed and responsible application of products, and guiding company policies that support healthy industry growth. Today, Aaron works closely with top US PV and storage equipment manufacturers to chart product roadmaps and lifecycle information, create educational content for industry consumption, and facilitate clear communication with the BayWa r.e. team and customer base. He is also the host of the Solar Tech Talk podcast by BayWa r.e.

Aaron resides in San Francisco, California with his partner and their dog, Bella. 

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