Product Line: PWRcell™ Solar + Battery Storage System

Manufacturer: Generac (Our Store Page | Company Page)

Generac is the latest manufacturer to join the BayWa r.e. Solar Systems energy storage product line card. The August 2020 announcement of this exciting partnership coincided with Generac’s newly launched PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) series.

The PWRcell ATS gives homeowners the ability to bypass the need for a main service panel upgrade when installing solar+storage, and allows them to back up their home’s main panel via power from the Generac PWRcell Battery Cabinet and PWRcell Inverter connected to the ATS service panel.

One of the most groundbreaking features of the ATS series is point load control of heavy equipment on the site when installed in conjunction with Generac’s Smart Management Modules (SMMs). The Generac SMMs power down select heavy loads and stagger their restart during a power outage. This ability to “pause” larger, low-priority loads — and prioritize their restart enables customers to continue using appliances that might otherwise exceed the systems backup capability under normal circumstances.

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PWRcell ATS + SMM Product Highlights:

  • ATS 200 Amp model is suitable for most residential applications, or utilize one of the 100 Amp options for smaller applications, including in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.
  • Utilize SMMs to prevent system overload or lockout select connected loads for power usage management during a utility outage.
  • Choose the ATS + SMMs to maximize the benefits of any Generac PWRcell System.
  • Offer a system that can grow with customers’ storage + PV needs with PWRCell’s modular battery options.

System Owner Benefits:

  • Stay comfortable. The PWRcell™ system, when coupled with SMMs, will automatically send power to the appliances that need it most — allowing homeowners to power more circuits during a utility power outage.
  • Stay connected. PWRcell storage system owners benefit from the PWRview smartphone app, which provides live and historical insights into energy production and consumption.
  • Buy American. Generac was founded in Wisconsin in 1959, originally manufacturing portable generators for the Sears Craftsman label.

Installer Benefits:

  • Build simple and powerful home energy storage systems with Generac’s end-to-end energy storage solution and energy management hardware ecosystem.
  • Win the sale with the promise of reliable energy storage from a USA based manufacturer with a history of quality products.
  • Install with peace of mind knowing that Generac’s end to end solution is backed up by USA based tech support and warranty from a reliable market leader.

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Why BayWa r.e. carries Generac PWRcell

Established in the home power industry for more than six decades, Generac offers well-designed, integrated energy storage solutions with great brand recognition. Generac is dedicated to offering best in class installer training and continuous product innovation. Their line of end-to-end storage components enable certified installers to build residential energy storage systems with hardware sourced from a single manufacturer — which can reduce job complexity, installation time, and cost.

Be sure to watch this September 2020 webinar, featuring BayWa r.e. Solar Systems Product Manager Aaron Bingham and Jeff McAndrew of Generac, to learn how their ecosystem of solar-plus-storage products can serve your residential installation projects. And stay connected with your BayWa r.e. Solar Systems sales representative to learn about new Generac products and special offers coming soon.

Current BayWa r.e. Solar Systems customer? Order Generac products from our digital store

Not a current customer? Get connected with a BayWa r.e. Solar Systems sales rep

Aaron Bingham has worked in the solar industry since 2008 as a Senior Engineer and Program Coordinator. He has been a Product Manager with BayWa r.e. Solar Systems since 2017.