Product name: SE-7600H-US000NNW2
Manufacturer: SolarEdge


Since its inception more than a decade ago, SolarEdge has been an innovator in solar inverters and module optimization. At InterSolar North America 2017, the company introduced the SolarEdge EV Charger. This represents one of the first products released by a mainstream solar component manufacturer to step outside of energy production and storage, and to begin considering multiple “appliances,” in this case solar and EV, as parts of an integrated home energy management system.
The EV Charger appeals primarily to three residential customer profiles:

  • homeowners who want to produce solar energy, and charge an electric vehicle (EV), without having to install separate units
  • EV drivers who want EV charging as the primary feature but also like the idea of producing solar energy from the same device
  • homeowners who want to produce solar energy and opt for the EV Charger as a stepping stone towards an electric vehicle they expect to purchase in the future

In each case, homeowners who opt for this solution from SolarEdge are likely to increase the value and utility of their home.

(Note: The HD Wave Series describes a specific form factor and technology utilized in SolarEdge’s most recent residential products. Before this was the A-Series, but there was never an EV charger version of that product line.)


End-customer benefits

  • Fast charging with ‘Solar Boost Mode’
    • Homes equipped with an appropriately-sized PV array are able to charge an EV at a rate of up to 25-30 driving miles per hour of ‘Solar Boost Mode’
    • Under the conditions above, the SolarEdge HD EV Charger supplements grid power with PV power to charge at 9.6 kW (40 Amp), Level 2 charging
    • If solar boost mode is not available, the charger uses grid power to charge at 7.6 kW (32 Amp), Level 2 charging
    • Charges 5-6x faster than a Level 1 EV charger when in ‘Solar Boost Mode’
  • Smart inverter functionality in the compact HD Wave form factor
    • Maximizes return with time-of-use utility rates in minimal space
    • Schedule EV charging for periods in which grid power prices are low
    • Remote control with mobile app via fully integrated SolarEdge monitoring
    • Includes reliable HD Wave – electrolytic capacitor free – technology

Contractor benefits

  • Increase customer touch points
    • Position yourself as trusted EV service provider for solar customers upgrading to an electric vehicle
    • Also position yourself as trusted solar service provider for EV customers upgrading to solar
  • Expand system value proposition
    • Twice as much functionality on a single circuit breaker as you would get installing separate devices for EV charging and solar generation
    • Get more value from electrician subcontractor expense installing one device instead of two
  • Minimize balance of system costs and installation time
    • Single breaker for EV charging and PV activity
    • Less wiring, less conduit
    • Smaller 3.8 kW version coming soon!

Related products (sold separately)

  • SE-MTR240-0-000-S2
    • Single-phase, 240 V SolarEdge electricity meter provides EV Charger optional built-in energy meter with Modbus connection.
  • SSE-ACT0750-200NA-1
    • 200 Amp current transformer (CT). Needed by electricity meter and EV Charger for accurate readings. Two CTs are needed for each SE-MTR240-0-000-S2 meter installed, all sold separately.
  • SSE-EV-KIT-25J40-1
    • 40 Amp, Level 2 Electric Vehicle J1772 Charge Connector with 25 feet cable and holder. To be paired with SolarEdge EV Charger

Why BayWa r.e. carries the SolarEdge HD-Wave

The SE-7600H-US000NNW2 is a compact powerhouse, a great option for any customer interested in solar energy and/or electric vehicle charging solutions. In developing this product with HD Wave technology, SolarEdge begins to address complex questions raised by the need for more sophisticated home energy management with an elegant and simple solution.

This solution also improves lead generation and sales opportunities for residential contractors. The only way for another contractor to satisfy customer demand for this solution would be by offering this product. In addition, the EV Charger helps contractors expand their service offering without complicating the existing business process. It’s a toe in the water to home energy management.