CEO Boaz Soifer, solar contractors, and industry leaders come together to discuss the best way to approach the COVID-19 challenges ahead. Visit our town hall page to read more.

Topics include:

  • Boaz opening thoughts
  • A global view with BayWa r.e. Head of Global Distribution
  • BayWa operations update
  • Contractor update from Arizona
  • SEIA on permitting database, jobs, survey data
  • EnergySage on consumer data from their platform
  • UNIRAC free permitting offer
  • LG supply update from David Chang
  • Contractor update from Alaska
  • Maintaining emotional health with Krysta Riggle

Our featured guests today were: Frank Jessel, the head of global distribution for BayWa r.e.; David Chang, Sr. Director, Head of Sales, Solar & Energy Storage for LG Electronics; Evelyn Butler, Sr. Director of Codes and Standards, SEIA;  Vikram Aggarwal, CEO & Founder, EnergySage; Corey Garrison, CEO of SouthFace Solar; Stephen Trimble, Founder & CEO of Arctic Solar Venture; and Karen Paramanandam, Sales & Marketing Program Manager at Unirac. We also have our own David Dunlap, VP of operations for BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, and Baywa re. Solar systems CEO, Boaz Soifer.