A Solar Business Discussion Series


If you’re part of the solar industry there’s always something impacting your solar installation or contracting business. In our Power Forward! series, hosted by Chris Crowell at Solar Builder, members of the BayWa r.e. team help solar contractors and EPCs understand the solar industry’s pressing issues, explore budding market trends and, well, power forward (!) to what comes next.
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PowerForward! E13: Surviving the NEM 3 California solar market

California solar installers experienced a disastrous 2023 as soon as the NEM 3 rate changes took effect. Is there any way to Power Forward! in California?

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Power Forward! E12: State of the solar market heading into 2024

What went wrong for the solar industry in 2023? Did anything go right? What can we expect in 2024 in terms of residential solar demand and solar panel supply? BayWa r.e. and Solar Builder discuss what to expect in 2024.

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Power Forward! E11: Key takeaways for solar installers at RE+ 2023

RE+ 2023 was the largest solar industry conference to date. What were the key takeaways and important product trends to note for solar installers? On this edition of Power Forward!, we discuss with BayWa r.e.’s Marketing Relationship Manager Daniela Schwartzman and VP of Product Strategy David Dunlap.

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Power Forward! E10: NEM no more? How solar pros can use energy storage for financial stability

David Dunlap, VP of product strategy with BayWa r.e. joins Power Forward! to show us how energy storage sales can create a more financially sustainable business model for solar installers –regardless of net metering policy.

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Power Forward! E9: How to Start Selling Energy Storage (The Right Way)

More companies are adopting storage as a new business offering. In this podcast episode, our team talks with Solar Builder about the best approach for solar installers.

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Episode 8: Strategizing for 2023 – How solar installers can develop their company strategy

2022 is almost over! In this episode of Power Forward!, our VP of Strategy sits down with Solar Builder to discuss building a successful strategy for 2023.

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Episode 7: How the Inflation Reduction Act affects solar installers & what to look for at RE+

David Dunlap and Scott Snyder discuss how the IRA will impact residential solar, what new brands BayWa r.e. is partnered with, and what to expect at RE+.

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Episode 6: How to Run a Financially Healthy Solar Installation Business

Rachel Schapira covers the financial best practices solar installers should be focused on to ensure business health in the solar industry.

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Episode 5: Building a Resilient Solar Business – Key Takeaways from NABCEP 2022 Continuing Education Conference

David Dunlap and Keith Ostwald share insights from the solar installer conference of the year, focusing on what they appreciated about the show and how installers can promote healthy company culture.

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Episode 4: Growth paths for solar installation businesses in 2022

Congrats! You run a solar installation business. Now, where do you go from here? Tiernay Marsh asks and answers questions that are top of mind for all solar company leaders.

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Episode 3: Solar supply chain overview and an outlook for 2022

A deep dive into solar supply chain issues with David Dunlap to understand the current state of the industry from a distributor’s point of view and how solar installers can excel today.

Episode 2: How to Grow a Solar Business in Uncertain Times

Preston Booker explains how solar businesses can team up with a partner to navigate these challenging times and maintain (or exceed!) their growth trajectories in future years.

Episode 1: Talking energy storage systems, solar panel recycling and policy

Kate Collardson and Aaron Bingham chat about energy storage products to watch, solar panel recycling, and local policy issues heading into 2022.