Thanks everyone for tuning into our latest Solar Tech Talk episode! If you haven’t watched or listened to Episode 6, you can find our conversation on DC-coupled options for residential solar storage here.

Power interruptions from storms and Utility Public Safety Power Shutoffs are more common than ever, as a result, homeowners are making investments in energy storage and backup solutions to keep their homes powered when the grid goes down. If you missed Episode 6, you’ll definitely want to check out our conversation with Cameron Stewart from SolarEdge and Adam Schroeder and Jeff McAndrew of Generac.Both companies are leaders in DC-coupled storage options for the residential solar industry, and both are proud parts of our residential storage line card.

If you only have a quick moment, here are three quick takeaways from our conversation for the U.S. solar contractor community, summed up by our Solar Tech Talk co-host Solar Tech Talk co-host Aaron Bingham!

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1. DC coupled PV/energy storage/EV charging with SolarEdge Energy Hub and SolarEdge Backup Interface.

The SolarEdge Energy Hub offers flexibility and, combined with the Backup Interface, allows system owners to automate the flow of DC power. Instead of clipping, SolarEdge systems built with battery storage and/or EV-charging can direct PV production in excess of the inverter nameplate to either the battery or car on site. SolarEdge Smart EV Charger owners can always take advantage of level-2 EV charging, but when the Smart EV charger is directly connected to the Energy Hub inverter, homeowners can charge even faster with level-2 EV charging plus Solar Boost Mode.

2. SolarEdge debuting Energy Bank soon:

As the residential storage market continues to grow, so are the number of manufacturers offering home energy storage battery products. For example, keep an eye out for a 10kWh residential battery offering from SolarEdge soon! SolarEdge leveraged their 2018 acquisition of Kokam to develop an exciting all-new high voltage residential energy storage option.

3. Generac’s Smart Management Modules (SMMs) are a great example of offering system owners more control over their energy consumption.

Whole home backup is a big selling point, especially when we talk about emergency power during outages. If you still haven’t heard about the Generac PWRcell ecosystem of storage components — including the AT Series of backup panel options and SMMs — then give Episode 6 a listen or read my review from 2020. Smart Management Modules (SMM) solves the problem of unexpected or inefficient battery discharge by locking certain circuits out when the home loses power, then prioritizing and staggering restarting essential loads (like HVAC and other important appliances). This allows more loads to be supported by a single, smaller inverter-plus-battery bank combo — and minimizes project costs – all while helping to ensure the system meets homeowner expectations.

Watch our full Episode 6 recording to learn more about these important home backup topics. And remember that all of our Solar Tech Talk podcasts are available to stream on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!

Stay safe and keep installing solar pros!

— Aaron

For the past 15 years, Aaron has worked with PV equipment manufacturers and distributors to drive the ethical and sustainable growth of the clean energy industry. Through his work in solar sales, engineering and product management Aaron has supported solar installers by developing educational resources, advocating for informed and responsible application of products, and guiding company policies that support healthy industry growth. Today, Aaron works closely with top US PV and storage equipment manufacturers to chart product roadmaps and lifecycle information, create educational content for industry consumption, and facilitate clear communication with the BayWa r.e. team and customer base. He is also the host of the Solar Tech Talk podcast by BayWa r.e.

Aaron resides in San Francisco, California with his partner and their dog, Bella. 

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