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This month’s town hall was brought to you in partnership between BayWa r.e. Solar Systems and 17TeraWatts.

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[Note to our podcast listeners: Graphics of the two models we discussed today are in the show notes.]

Our multidisciplinary lineup tackled questions like: Can we quantify the factors that lead to solar adoption? What is the interplay between emotions and rationalization in consumer purchasing decisions? Why you might prioritize hiring “empathetic” sales staff. And, of course, what can behavioral science teach us about solar sales?

Image – 2007 BJ Fogg

Our Guests Today:

Varun Rai is a professor of the LBJ School and Director of the Energy Institute at University of Texas at Austin. One of his core research areas is understanding and quantifying the factors that lead to solar adoption by consumers.

Kelsey Ruger is a Product and User Experience Executive at Hello Alice. Offering a perspective from outside the solar industry, Kelsey is an expert in harnessing design and technology to develop innovative products people love.

Stan Pipkin is the owner of Lighthouse Solar and Principal Architect at Pipkinc. Stan brings the solar contractor perspective and customer insights from 12 years of running a leading solar company in central Texas.

Scott Nguyen is the CEO of 17TeraWatts and a Fellow at UT-Austin Energy Institute. Scott brings a solar software and user experience perspective to the town hall conversation, along with some insights as to how non-geeks react to graphs.

Thank you all again for participating in our Solar Town Hall events and being part of our solar community!

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