For solar contractors around the United States, Q4 is the busiest quarter. This is especially true for 2020, with the imminent expiration of the federal solar ITC and state-based offers like the Massachusetts Solar Loan Program — and with many projects once delayed by the pandemic finally resuming. Add to these challenges, contractors need to float quite a bit of cash during this high season in order to pay crew, permitting fees, and the countless other expenses and forms that it takes to make solar happen.

But out of Fresno, California, Empower Solar, who qualified for our Split Pay financing program, offered by Sunlight Financial and BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, is happy with the results Split Pay has brought.

What Is the Split Pay Program?

“We’ve been really pleased with the Split Pay Program,” says Brad Montgomery, VP of Operations at Empower Solar. It’s a quick, simple process that provides us greater flexibility with our credit line. ”Because many contractors end up short on cash approaching Q4, getting more equipment from existing credit line can be a big asset. Here’s where Split Pay can play a big role with solar contractors.

Once enrolled in Split Pay, contractors will continue to order equipment from BayWa r.e. Solar Systems using their existing credit line. BayWa r.e. will bill Sunlight Financial for each order, and Sunlight Financial will pay BayWa r.e. directly.

Get Started

1) Contact your BayWa r.e. Solar Systems sales representative to enroll in our Split Pay Program.

2) If you already work with Sunlight Financial, ask your representative to enroll you in the Split Pay Program with BayWa r.e. Solar Systems.

3) Visit our program page and register for the next information session to learn more!

This payment structure reduces the amount of real cash that contractors have to come up with — allowing them to procure more equipment and stay on schedule with their Q4 installation rush. Contractors also spend less time managing paperwork and more time serving homeowners and winning new deals.

Improve cash flow with no required outlay for equipment purchases.

Be more efficient with easy loan approvals and direct pay.

Expand sales or launch new territories with two, industry-leading partners.

Flexibility and Clarity

Split Pay is different than other popular contractor financing programs in that we keep things flexible and don’t lock contractors in.

“We get more equipment out of our credit line with Split Pay, helping us streamline operations and grow our business,” says Empower Solar’s Brad Montgomery. “We like that it’s more efficient and easier than other direct pay programs we’ve tried.”

Under Split Pay, contractors are not locked into a certain volume of purchases from BayWa r.e. Solar Systems. They can order as much, or as little equipment as they need, from any manufacturer on our line card. In addition, contractors aren’t locked into only buying equipment from BayWa r.e. Solar Systems — they are free to order from other distributors as well. (Note: Split Pay will only cover BayWa r.e. purchases.)

The other benefit customers often value in Split Pay is its transparency. Because Sunlight immediately pays BayWa r.e. for each order, contractors always know how much money they have left to work on a project, without needing to lookup costs and figures.

Work in C&I Installs?

Don’t forget we offer a financing program for commercial solar contractors as well. Learn about our partnership with Billd.

Securing Financing Today to Offset Consumer Uncertainty Tomorrow

Getting qualified for a financing program is a strategic step that every residential solar contractor should take in Q4. Keep in mind that consumer credit has taken a hit with the pandemic, and even people who have cash are now less willing to part with it. In short: Make sure you have the finance products you need to keep closing sales.

If contractors begin shopping wisely for a financing partner and distributor who understand the rhythms of solar installation, they can ensure a smooth Q4 and secure their footing for 2021. For more on selecting a good financing partner, check out my recent podcast on our website or on Spotify.

Here’s to a great fourth quarter!

Rachel Schapira is Director of Residential Financing with BayWa r.e. Solar Systems. She has worked in energy and technology management for more than 15 years, joining us in March 2020 from Mosaic.

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