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Note: This article is part of the educational series: r.e.energize Your Digital Marketing. To view all the lessons in the series, click here.

What powers an outstanding, lead-generating website?

Want to find out?

BayWa r.e. is excited to announce a new collaboration with the digital marketing experts at EnergyCircle.

This ongoing series of articles, online trainings, videos, and podcasts, is specially-crafted to provide solar contractors with insights from experts in the field of digital marketing.

You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to lay the foundation for a robust digital marketing platform, how to get traffic and, of course, convert those new leads into customers.

Who is it for?

This series is for solar contractors who:

  • Have a long-term perspective for growing their business and want to lead in their local market
  • “Believe in digital marketing” and understand the connection between having an amazing online presence and long-term success
  • Are at any stage in their online presence

Some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Digital marketing focused on lead generation and sales
  • The elements to a great online presence
  • Why website leads are a business asset
  • Industry best-practices on constantly changing topics
  • How to create evergreen content

Special offer for BayWa r.e. customers

Customers of BayWa r.e. get access to bonus materials throughout the series and a chance to win a five-page 2019 Digital Marketing Plan from Energy Circle when you sign up for any online training. ($1,250 Value – Limited – 5 available per online training.)

LinkedIn Community

As part of this r.e.energize series, we’re hosting a LinkedIn group page where you can share information and get answers to your digital marketing questions.

EnergyCircle team members Peter Troast (CEO) and Chris Willams will be moderating this group and available to answer member questions.

Upcoming r.e.energize Events

Register now for our first online training – January 15th

  • Discover six key trends for digital marketing in 2019
  • How these trends will impact your digital marketing strategy
  • How to focus and win in each of these areas

r.e.energize Your Digital Marketing Podcast #1 – Listen on iTunes 

Solar r.e.view editor Tom Miller and Chris Williams from EnergyCircle chat about the new learning series, whether Organic Search is still a thing, how the Digital Marketing Imperative is changing how solar professionals attract new customers, and a special offer for BayWa r.e. customers who sign up for the online trainings.

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Lesson 1 – The Digital Marketing Landscape in Solar: An Overview


Lesson 2 – Success = Sales in Solar Digital Marketing