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Welcome to the inaugural lesson of the r.e.energize Your Digital Marketing series.

What’s in this lesson?

  • Peter Troast from EnergyCircle shares an overview of the digital marketing landscape in solar, including:
    • The Customer Acquisition Cost Challenge
    • The decline in purchased leads
    • Which category are you in? Lead Diversity, or Lead Dependence?
    • The Digital Marketing Imperative – what is it?
    • The rise of Google My Business
  • Peter also goes over some of the topics we’ll be covering in this r.e.energize series

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LinkedIn Community

As part of this r.e.energize Your Digital Marketing series, we’re hosting a LinkedIn group page where folks can share information and get answers to their digital marketing questions.

EnergyCircle team members Peter Troast (CEO) and Chris Willams will be moderating this group and available to answer member questions.

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