Product name: LG Chem RESU10H
LG Chem


LG Chem leads the charge in residential grid-tied lithium ion storage solutions. Their initial offering in the U.S. market is the RESU 10H, which can be used for peak load shedding, TOU metering, zero export, and emergency backup power applications.

LC Chem RESU product highlights:

  • Slim wall mounted profile & easy Installation
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty (see warranty for full terms)
  • Proven safety and reliable performance
  • Modern and discrete product aesthetic
  • Listed to the following standards: UL1642, UL1973, TUV IEC62619, CE, FCC, RCM

RESU 10H Functionality:

The RESU 10H comes in two types, Type R and Type C. Both types depend on the paired inverter:

  • Type R—Designed to be paired with the SolarEdge StorEdge PV + Storage Inverter. This ground-breaking DC coupled solution was the first of its kind to market and feature improvement and additions. Pair the LGC-RESU-10H with the LGC-RESU-10H-2ND to double the amount of storage attached to the SolarEdge StorEdge.
  • Type C—Designed to be paired with the SMA SunnyBoy Storage Residential Energy Storage Inverter series. This AC coupled solution includes manual limited backup as a standard feature and offers optional automatic whole home backup for 200A main panels.

Availability Notes:

In response to early, overwhelming demand, LG Chem has ramped up production to ensure better product availability in 2019 and beyond. Hear from LG Chem’s Linh Tran on successes and lessons learned from 2018 on the Solar r.e.view podcast. You can also listen on iTunes.

End-customer benefits:

  • Proven safety: LG Chem is a leader in lithium cell technology and the RESU10H has undergone extensive safety testing.
  • Electricity bill savings: System owners can charge the battery during off-peak times and consume the energy during more expensive peak times.
  • Energy that’s always available: System owners can store surplus energy generated from solar panels for use when needed.
  • Keep the lights on: The RESU10H also supports emergency power/limited backup applications.

Contractor benefits:

  • Compatible with leading inverter brands: SMA Sunny Boy Storage & SolarEdge StorEdge.
  • Right-sized battery solution: The RESU10H offers 9.8 kWh storage capacity in a sleek, compact design.
  • Upsell existing and new customers: Choose the RESU10H storage solution that fits your business.

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Why BayWa r.e. carries LG Chem RESU

LG Chem has been a pioneer in developing safe and innovative stationary residential lithium battery solutions. Their broad experience in storage related product development and emphasis on R&D has positioned them to be an excellent long term strategic vendor partner.