At BayWa r.e. Solar Systems we are on a mission to help solar contractors build healthy, sustainable businesses. The solar industry is volatile, and we want to do everything we can to aid the profitability and longevity of our customers. With that in mind, we focus on providing easy access to a carefully selected set of quality solar products at reasonable prices. Equally important, we leverage technology to increase transparency and reliability, to save you time in managing your supply chain. Best of all, the online tools we have developed to help you plan, manage, and execute projects more efficiently are available to use 24/7/365.

How familiar are you with what is available?

Customized Pricing Information  

When you log in, the information you see, including pricing, is tailored specifically for your company. Any special programs or volume discounts will be reflected in your view.

Real-time Visibility to Available Inventory

We provide you with a real-time view of our available inventory. This information is calculated using an algorithm we designed that takes into account what is currently in our warehouses as well as what we have on order. Soon you will be able to see not only what is currently available for order, but also what is becoming available, and when, to help you plan future orders.

Convert a Quote to a Sales Order 

When a homeowner calls to say she’s ready to sign the deal, and she’d like to schedule the installation as quickly as possible, you may want to act quickly. Your awesome BayWa sales rep may be tied up in a meeting, but no need to wait. You have the power in the Webstore to convert an open quote to a sales order. (Please keep in mind that quotes expire after 30 days, and only quotes that have not expired can be converted.)

Online Payments

In your online account, you can see all your open invoices and the amounts due on each. You can make an online payment to any open invoice, and you will immediately see the adjustment to your available credit based on that payment. You can do this at any time of day or night that is convenient for you.

What else can I do in the Webstore?

  • View your complete list of orders and track their status, including progress in transit using the carrier links or tracking numbers
  • Easily re-order previously purchased items: simply click to add to the cart
  • Check your account balance, terms and available credit anytime
  • Generate statements within any date range you choose
  • Download PDF copies of all transactions
  • Add to or amend your billing or shipping addresses
  • Update your contact information

What’s Next?  

We are working on new enhancements all the time. If there are things you wish you could see or do in our Webstore, please let us know!  You can post here or send your suggestions to

Need Access?  

If you are a current customer but don’t yet have access to our Webstore, you can submit a registration request.

If you have not yet purchased from us, fill out this form and a member of our sales team will be in touch to get you started.