For more than 20 years, Unirac has been a leader in solar racking, with a laser focus on products that are quick and economical for installers while also offering quality and durability. Even by those standards, this year’s turning out to be a big one for the company. As our industry stocks up for the Q4 rush, let’s take a look back at Unirac’s newest additions — so you know what to ask about on your next catch-up call with your BayWa r.e. Solar Systems representative.

To start with, in one of the biggest racking stories of the year, Unirac acquired Ecolibrium Solar, which brings you a raft of new options for your jobs.

Some of the biggest additions contractors will see are innovative plastic-based flat-roof systems, including EcoFoot 2+, with a 10-degree angle, and EcoFoot 5D, a 5-degree system. Both open up new job applications with terrific density on the roof, compact shipping profiles thanks to stacking feet, and simple installation processes. Combined with Unirac’s popular existing ROOFMOUNT lines (10, 5, and Dual Tilt), this is now a one-stop shop for almost any flat-roof need. Reach out and we can help you incorporate these new offerings into your planning.

EcoFoot 2+

EcoFoot 5D


“One of the top reasons Ecolibrium was so attractive is that like us, they believe in personal, on-site training,” explains Brandon Carrasco, Unirac’s Director of Customer Solutions, “Our installer sales specialists can come out, for free, and help you get up to speed fast in actual conditions. We can also help you pick the perfect system for a particular job.”

Another way these new Ecolibrium products are going to improve installers’ lives is in the rail-less arena. One of the innovations Unirac acquired was Ecolibrium’s floating coupler — now part of its EcoX lineup — which enables larger spans and dramatically cuts the number and size of parts in these direct-attach systems, which means even megawatt-size jobs can fit on just a couple of pallets.

There are two main applications for these Unirac-Ecolibrium systems: residential pitched roofs and pitched metal roofs — especially larger commercial roofs.

EcoX Universal is the primarily residential offering. The floating coupler, which joins row panels at their corners to make one structural element, means 33% fewer attachments and the elimination of rough inspections. The system offers one-size, pre-assembled core components that fit every module thickness and applicability for every roof type. It’s especially good for larger arrays where fast installation and fewer components mean the biggest savings in cost and labor.
MetalX for pitched metal roofs, meanwhile, works great on industrial and agricultural warehouses and commercial buildings but can also be used on homes. It shares the features of EcoX and the floating coupler innovation while being tailored specifically for metal roofs. Its low part count and long spans can mean the lowest cost per watt for a metal roof system.

“MetalX is a groundbreaking product for this space,” says Jonah Coles, formerly Product Solution Manager at Ecolibrium and now at Unirac. “This is so simple to install that after the first row, it can be done by a single person. It’s incredibly lightweight but also structurally integrated. We’re excited about the new jobs this will open up for installers, and our team can help with every step.”

Finally, also resulting from the Ecolibrium acquisition, for the first time Unirac will now offer a dedicated PV Inverter Mounting system. EcoMount offers code-compliant design, meets the requirements of nearly any project, and deploys quickly.

All of these new products are shipping without interruption. In fact, this is another of the big stories of the year: despite the challenges of the pandemic, Unirac’s robust and diversified supply chain means its products have continued to ship with industry-leading lead times.

Of course, Unirac isn’t innovating only through acquisitions: the company made two other big product announcements this year.

The first is its Flashloc RM™ flat-roof attachment, which saves installers time by requiring no heat welding, a single SKU for any roof type with no adapter membranes, and Chem Link sealants for set-and-forget waterproofing. With 6,600 lbs. of ultimate uplift offset, it’s one of the strongest adapters you’ll find.

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“Even better, the Flashloc RM also works with our new EcoFoot system,” says Tristen Foley, Unirac Associate Product Manager. “Since those systems share attachments between modules, you get to use even more of the uplift offset. These attachments can also work for things like tilt legs — there’s a lot of flexibility. Best of all, the hardware cost is extremely low.”

Unirac’s new SOLOBOX junction mount, meanwhile, is speeding up the process on the roof with all the features installers have been asking for, including:

  • No damage to roof shingles and few or no nails to pry — just secure the box and inject the sealant.
  • A simple tab that enables rail-based mounting and a low profile to slip under the module where allowed.
  • Support for two attic pass-throughs.
  • A hinged lid with a single captive screw, pre-drilled weep holes, and an option for a pre-installed DIN rail.


EcoFoot 5D

EcoFoot 2+

SOLOBOX works on all roof types, too. Unirac aims to make it “the only roof junction box you’ll need.”

And the year’s not over yet, Carrasco notes.

“Stay tuned,” he says. “Some of our biggest news is still in the pipeline. We’re working every day to make sure ‘Better Solar Starts Here’ for our installation and distribution partners.”

Kate Collardson has worked in the solar industry since 2006 as an installer, designer, project manager, trainer, and program manager. She is currently a Product Manager for BayWa r.e. Solar Systems.

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