Product name: SE-3800A-USS20NHB2


In 2016, SolarEdge introduced StorEdge, an inverter designed to manage solar generation and battery storage in a single device. In 2018, SolarEdge expanded the StorEdge product line with their new 3.8 kW option. The SE-3800A-USS20NHB2 lands on a 20A breaker and is specifically suitable for homes with 100 Amp electrical service.

Prior to the 3.8 kW StorEdge, residential customers with 100 Amp service—and interested in purchasing home energy storage with SolarEdge—were often required to upgrade the home’s service panel to 200A before, or during installation, in order to accommodate the 7.6 kW StorEdge’s required 40A PV breaker. The 3.8 kW StorEdge avoids this requirement by landing on a 20A breaker while offering identical functionality and performance in every respect, save PV DC/AC capacity.


  • Same rated AC power output as the 7.6 kW StorEdge in backup mode
  • Same great 12-25 year SolarEdge inverter warranty
  • Compliant with UL 1741 SA standard (CA Rule 21 and HI Rule 14H)

Related products (sold separately)

  • SE-MTR240-0-000-S2
    • SolarEdge consumption meter for StorEdge systems; required for consumption monitoring, power export limitation, and other smart energy management applications.
  • SE-ACT750-200NA-1
    • 200 Amp current transformer (CT). Two used with each meter (above) to provide accurate electricity consumption data for the StorEdge inverter. Each sold separately.
  • SE-AUTO-TX-5000
    • Autotransformer used to isolate and channel power to the backed up sub panel during power outages.
  • LGC-RESU-10H and LGC-RESU-10H-2ND
    • LG Chem RESU 10H primary and secondary lithium-ion batteries. The Primary Unit must be installed first. Each Secondary Unit must be paired with the primary unit to function.

Required accessories based on application

Why BayWa r.e. carries StorEdge 3.8 kW

The new 3.8kW StorEdge levels the playing field for anyone performing storage installations in regions where 100A residential service is common.  In these areas, avoiding a service panel upgrade eliminates a very costly line item from our customers’ StorEdge quotes, allowing them to win more jobs and complete their StorEdge installations more quickly.