Product name: LG NeON R
LG Solar


At SPI, in 2017, LG Solar released their newest high-powered module, the NeON R. The new structure, with all of the electrodes on the rear side of the module, contributes to an increase in module power and improvement in the temperature coefficient. And with a newly reinforced frame design, LG NeON R modules are designed to endure a front load of up to 6000 Pa, and a rear load of up to 5400 Pa.

NeON R product highlights

  • LG’s most powerful solar module series; rear contact cell structure eliminates front-side electrodes, enabling the module to maximize production because the cell’s surface isn’t obstructed by conductive material seen on standard cells.
  • The NeON R’s innovative cell design nearly eliminates light-induced 
degradation, has excellent roof aesthetics, and is one of the most 
reliable products on the market today.
  • Now includes an improved 25-25-25 warranty, which guarantees module performance in year 25 at 88.4% of year one production.

End-customer benefits

  • LG’s most efficient module, which means more power with fewer modules.
  • Ideal for homeowners with significant electrical usage, challenging roof shapes, a smaller roof footprint, roofs with shaded areas, etc.
  • Great for homeowners for whom aesthetics, power, advanced technology, and warranty are important, but are less price-sensitive.
  • Extremely efficient at high temperatures, enhancing performance on sunny days.
  • A high wind and snow rating.

Contractor benefits

  • Contractors selling LG can take advantage of LG’s new Partner Program. 
  • LG’s consumer brand profile and reputation for quality make selling LG projects easier.

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Why BayWa r.e. carries LG NeON R modules

The LG NeON R is BayWa r.e.’s go-to-choice for an outstanding module that fits even the most demanding residential project. Its high-power output provides flexibility in design for space-constrained roofs. (Fewer panels needed for a given desired output.) The NeON R has excellent durability – it boasts both a high snow load rating useful in colder climates and a low-temperature coefficient, allowing it to maintain its high-efficiency output even in the hottest regions.

The NeON R’s appearance offers a clean look that blends with many roof styles. And its 25-25-25 warranty (product/performance/labor), coupled with LG’s strong consumer brand confidence, makes selling LG NeON R projects that much easier.