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Timestamps and question topics for Q&A

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Keynote: 0:00 – 26:42

Q&A segment:
Q1: 26:42 – On managing data
Q2: 31:32 – On Enphase’s data and privacy
Q3: 36:54 – Does Enphase have larger storage options coming?
Q4: 43:05 – Will we need to retrofit our systems with this new storage product?
Q5: 44:04 – On Enphase’s long-term viability
Q6: 45:09 – David Chang (from LG) adds to Paul’s comments.
Q7: 45:33 – What is Enphase’s direction toward supporting the commercial market?
Q8: 47:35 – On price point of Enphase’s new storage option
Q9: 50:45 – Does Enphase have any plans for a native 480v microinverter?
Q10: 51:23 – What support can Enphase offer to help sift through all the rhetoric?
Q11: 52:10 – What is Enphase’s timeline on a holistic energy management system?
Q12: 53:55 – Boaz Soifer (CEO, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems): What advice would you give installers trying to manage the industry’s increasing complexity?
Q13: 56:40 – What is your biggest concern moving forward?
Q14: 59:03 – On viability of other inverter companies
Q15: 1:05:00 – Suggestion for Enphase’s product interface.
Q16: 1:06:14 – “My constant concern is ‘survivability.’ Do you have any suggestions for companies like mine?”

“Paul’s talk highlights the need for all solar industry companies—technology, distribution, sales, installation—to create value by internalizing complexity, streamlining, and integrating. This is only the beginning!”

—  Boaz Soifer, CEO, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems

Keynote Quotes


“Technology evolves in the direction of simplicity.” Paul Nahi, CEO, Enphase


“The sale is not going to be a solar sale anymore. It’s going to be an energy sale.” Paul Nahi, CEO, Enphase


“We’re in the very early days. The companies that make it through this are going to have an incredible future.” Paul Nahi, CEO, Enphase


“We have to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry.” Paul Nahi, CEO, Enphase


“It’s a good fight to fight…and you should be rewarded for it.” Paul Nahi, CEO, Enphase


“One of the things that Paul absolutely nailed is that—from the consumer’s perspective—this needs to continue to be simple. No matter how complex the technology gets—the battery chemistry, the integrations—customers shouldn’t have to worry about it.”

— Pam Cargill, Chaolysti