While none of us know yet the impacts of the COVID-19 virus on our businesses and industry, we want to prepare for lowered demand. On this page, we will be posting resources, articles, podcasts, videos, trainings and more, to help support resilient and strong companies into the future.  

Be sure to stay in close contact with your BayWa r.e. sales manager to keep your forecast current and address any supply questions. 

Podcast – Coronavirus, Disruptors, and Solar Resilience

Solar Training

If your install volume is down, use this time to get your team’s training up to speed. 

BayWa r.e. Solar r.e.view Magazine featuring podcasts, recorded webinars and articles. 

Panel Discussion: How to Make Money Selling Storage

From BayWa's 2019 Business Leadership Summit: Topics include the economics of storage, energy security, backup power, setting customer expectations, and more

Webinar: Add Storage to New Installs - Retrofit Past Installs

Unique features and key selling points of the SMA Residential Storage Solution

Webinar: Open Up Revenue Streams with the BYD Battery-Box

Higher power, longer life, greater reliability, and more

The Six Golden Rules of Transition Management

Whether it’s changing your ERP system, or revamping your leadership team, these six rules will help keep your transitions on track.

A Rapid Shutdown Review

Get ready for NEC 2017 with an overview of our rapid shutdown-compliant products


Considered Reactions

A short overview of mindfulness and how it can help in the workplace

Solar Energy International (SEI) offers online and on-demand courses. 

NABCEP has a number of board certification resources. 

Our manufacturer partners have a wealth of valuable product training content.

Solar Marketing 

If you can’t be out there going door-to-door, now might be a great time to brush up on your web and social marketing.

Here are some webinars, articles, and podcasts that we created with the marketing experts at EnergyCircle, on how to develop and optimize your web, email, and social media marketing.  

8 Critical Elements of SEO

In this "critical tips" extra, learn how to evaluate the best tools and strategies for your website, gauge their effectiveness, and fix what's not working

Success = Sales

Lesson 2 in the r.e.energize Your Digital Marketing series


How Good is Your Web Presence? Part 1

The basics of lead tracking, web search, reviews, website optimization, and more with EnergyCircle's Chris Williams.

3 Keys to Great Review Management

Make review management a strong, integral component of your organic optimization tactics.

Four Keys to Running a Successful Paid Search Campaign

Paid search is a valuable tool, but it can also feel like a mysterious one

Traffic for Residential Solar

Leverage current solar marketing trends for your business

Continue the Sales Conversation 

Often the focus is on new customer acquisitionbut now may be a good time to check in with past customers. 

Here are some ideas and questions you might ask yourself: 

  • How long ago did you complete a customer’s install?  
    • Is there any maintenance you can offer them 
    • Maybe start conversation about a system update and the benefits they would receive from doing that. 
  • Are some of your past customers good candidates for a storage retrofit?  
      • Now might be a good time to talk about resiliency and increasing the benefit of their existing PV system by adding storage. 
  • If you provide other energy efficiency services, think about putting together a call campaign to reach out and help past customers find additional ways to lower their energy bills. 
  • Review your marketing messaging. Is there room to make adjustments to put greater emphasis on the importance of lower energy costs over the long-term and the value of solar?  
  • Do you have reliable and attractive financing options for customers who feel uncertain about the economy and are hesitant to make any large cash purchases right now? (BayWa r.e. can help you with this.) 
  • Consider setting up a good system for video sales calls, in place of in-home visits.   

Anything else we can help with? Please let us know.