EnergySage CEO Vikram Aggarwal shares key trends and takeaways at the 2017 BayWa r.e. Partner Summit.

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 Download VikramVikram Aggarwal is the founder and CEO of EnergySage. EnergySage is on a mission to make going solar as easy as booking a flight online. Everyday there are millions of Americans shopping for solar, and thousands of solar providers looking for well-qualified customers. Yet buying and selling solar remains as inefficient, confusing and costly as ever. There hasn’t been a simple, online marketplace for both parties to meet and interact with one another—until now.

Many of Vikram’s takeaways came from EnergySage’s 2016 Installer Survey. EnergySage shared the survey with us and you can download it here.

Large vs. small installers – who will have more success? – Courtesy EnergySage, 2016 Installer Survey

Customer acquisition – Courtesy EnergySage, 2016 Installer Survey