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r.e.invent supply chain

For more than a decade, BayWa r.e. Solar Systems has been a leading U.S. solar distributor committed to providing a best-in-class order fulfillment solution that combines robust logistics and streamlined warehousing.  Our advanced systems and expert customer service reliably deliver the products and information you need, improving your job planning and making each of your installations a success.

The Solar Picture: At Last, A Central Brain for Our Home Energy Systems

With the debut of Energy Hub, our VP of Operations David Dunlap reflects on a new era of energy efficiency mastery for contractors and homeowners.

DEI Diaries: Modernizing the Hiring Process and Policies at Your Solar Business

Members of our in-house DEI Committee and People Experience (PX) team share how solar leaders can better embrace equity and inclusion towards recruiting diverse talents for their businesses.

Solar Town Hall - August 26: Codes, Compliance, and the Solar Contractor

National and local electrical codes may pose frustrations during design and inspection, but solar contractors can take leadership to ensure both innovation and safety stay apace in our rapidly evolving industry.

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