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New Generac Products! Meet: PWRgenerator, PWRmanager, and PWRmicro

Jeremy Niles from Generac shares a sneak peak of three, new products in the Generac line up: PWRgenerator, PWRmanager, and PWRmicro.

Solar Financing Podcast: How Installers Can Best Work with Financiers and a Whole Lot More...

In this in-depth, actionable conversation, Tom Miller talks with industry financing experts Gregg Fisher, Robyn Kenkel, and Rachel Schapira on what contractors need to know to make informed, intelligent financing decisions.

Solar Tech Talk

Solar Tech Talk is back with Aaron Bingham and new co-host Tiernay Marsh! First up, it’s a brief check-in with CALSSA on the NEM 3.0 battle in California. Then, the crew is joined by SMA & BYD—who have joined forces to create their own AC battery solution—who give an in-depth look at their product’s capabilities and features. Rounding out the show, two Enphase product marketers discuss their AC-coupled storage system and the suite of new products that accommodate the IQ8 platform.

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