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BayWa r.e. is excited to partner with LG Chem to launch their NEW RESU10h Li-ion battery into the US market. This Li-ion battery is a perfect solution for residential storage applications.

Learn more about this versatile and powerful solution to complement your solar installations.

NOTE: Training programs will cover technical product information only. You will be required to complete and pass the LG Chem Certification Test
 (see below).


Thursdays 12-1pm PST
USA Toll (240)454-0879
MtgID/Code 739-915-598

Certification Test

Any contractor ordering LG Chem RESU batteries from BayWa r.e. is required to have passed the LG Chem Certification Test. Simply attending/viewing a webinar will NOT constitute Certification.

Additional Resources

LGChem in the BayWa r.e. webstore.