Homebuilder Solutions

Solar compliance made simple

In 2020, all new homes in California are required to come with a solar system installed. Annually, that means up to 120,000 additional solar projects. The BayWa r.e. Homebuilder Solutions program makes solar easy for California building contractors by providing top tier products and services available through our partner network.

BayWa r.e. and our partners offer a menu of services to Homebuilders:

  • Financing

  • Sales support

  • Design and engineering

  • Permitting

  • Procurement

  • Fulfilment & logistics

  • Installation

  • Utility PTO (permission to operate)

  • Warranty service

Multiple ways to work with us:


  • Choose from our service menu to compliment your existing resources

  • Use BayWa r.e. as a fulfillment service to complement your supply chain

  • Subcontract with one of our approved solar installers for a turn-key solar compliance solution

Watch the intro video

Read more about Title 24

Are You Ready for California's Title 24?

What to do to be compliance-ready in 2020.

Watch the latest webinar

Solar r.e.view Podcast – iTunes

Go in-depth with Director of Homebuilder Services, Jonah Liebes, on a variety of topics, including how to:

• Prepare for Title 24
• Capitalize on new regulations
• See if your business is ready to take advantage of Title 24
• Identify the right system size

Solar Contractors

We connect you, an expert solar installer—with new construction experience—to homebuilders seeking subcontractors for part, or all, of their solar installations.

Get connected with homebuilders

If your company has proven new construction experience and you’re interested in getting connected with homebuilder opportunities, get in touch with us to join our partner network. 

Join our partner network to get:

  • Project origination

  • Access to new markets

  • Increased volume potential

  • Top-tier products

  • Connect with top-tier manufacturers

  • An experienced sales team

  • Easy procurement on our webstore

Meet the Director of Homebuilder Services,
Jonah Liebes

As a C-46 contractor in Southern California, Jonah oversaw over 6,000 successful residential solar installations. After 15 years on the contracting side of the industry, Jonah is using his experience to help other contractors comply with California’s energy code and get solar installed on every new home built in the state. Connect with Jonah on LinkedIn.