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We will again be bringing together industry experts, solar contractors and others in solar to discuss the top issues and impacts we are all experiencing.

  • Weekly Town Hall – Wednesday, April 15 @ 9 am PT | Register HERE
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  • Weekly Town Hall – Wednesday, April 22 @ 9 am PT | Register HERE
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Solar Town Halls

Join us each week as CEO Boaz Soifer chats with industry experts and solar contractors about how best to navigate the challenges ahead.

Town Halls

California’s Rule 21: A Quick Guide on Inverter Compliance by Models and Manufacturer

Kate Collardson and Aaron Bingham explain how this California PUC regulation affects your inverter inventory

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Guest Insight: The Solar Software Stack for the Modern Solar Company

Solar business strategist Emmett Miranker shares the 17TeraWatts vision for integrating business workflows

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A Chat with Dr. Charlie Gay

The former director of DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office and NREL, advisor to Sandia Labs, on self-reliance in solar, providing solar to low-income communities, disaggregation, the modern grid, and more.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Communications

A collection of DEI-related posts from our DEI committee, CEO, and other resources to support a more diverse and inclusive solar industry

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