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What does that look like?

A few BayWa r.e. Sales Managers share feedback from their customers:

“My customers say they love working with BayWa r.e. because we’re responsive and we communicate and act with complete integrity and transparency. Customers experience a level of partnership, trust, and commitment with BayWa r.e. that is uncommon in solar distribution.”


Kim Kalisch
Sales Manager, Central Region

“It may sound simple, but we execute the basics of distribution in an honest and reliable manner. A piece of feedback I often hear is that BayWa r.e. empathizes with our customers’ needs and acts as a partner to enable their growth.”


David Scavone
Sales Manager, Eastern Region

"One concern I consistently hear is that customers are facing volatile market conditions and they don’t have enough information to make key business decisions. To address this, we share our knowledge of the global and local markets and our business experience to provide insight and help our partners develop the best possible solutions for their particular challenges.”

Dan Glaser
Sales Manager, CA/HI

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